Catching Up…

Krista and I visited Eric at FGCU last month. We watched practice, shopped, and ate.



Krista brought t-shirts for E’s fans back home


My enrichment dog for the last two months was Millie. I adore her. I wish she would get adopted because she breaks my heart.



We celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Sept. 8th


I still work at The Watering Bowl and often take KC with me, although she hates it because the dogs sniff her. She either sits in the corner until it’s time to leave or scratches at my pant leg hoping I’ll pick her up.

I took this on our way to work. How excited does she look?


At work a couple of weeks ago, a German Shepherd grabbed my foot as I was walking through one of the gates. Bit a hole through my shoe but didn’t break the skin. The hazards of doggie daycare…


My sweet Stellie is celebrating a birthday this month…October 25th. She’ll be 11 and you’d better believe we’re having a party. She LOVES her birthday parties 🙂 Okay, well maybe it’s the cookie cake she loves.


Some sad news 😦 😦 😦 ….

My stepsister Ami passed away last week. She was a few years younger than me. She died of an alcohol-induced seizure. She and my brother Mike, who are half-siblings, as well as my brother Ryan were very close.


IMG_9694 Ryan and Ami

Last week I drove to Florida to bring Eric his new car! He loves it.


I stayed for an extra day before flying back. I saw his room, which is entirely taken up by the twin beds he pushed together. He can’t open his drawers or get to his closet. I had to leave because he wouldn’t let me help organize anything and it gave me anxiety.

IMG_9866   IMG_9867

A guest bed in, where else, the living room


The kitchen he shares with 3 teammates


He was pretty happy when I left, now that he can get around without relying on others



The team on the first day of official practice…


Last week (it’s been a busy week) my dad got a new hip and his dog Buddy got to visit him.


The day after being released from the hospital, his wife, my stepmom Trudy, was in a serious car accident and fractured her thoracic spine. Both are now home with matching walkers. Trudy’s, however, is turbo enhanced, helping her easily beat my dad when racing to the bathroom. Ryan drove down to help direct traffic and get things back in order. Thank you, Ry!

Eric doesn’t get Fox Sports 1, so we FaceTimed so he could watch the Cardinals beat the Dodgers. So he could watch the Cardinals beat the Dodgers.

Ooh, sorry. I stuttered.

In bold.


My new enrichment dog Whirlwind is a hoot. She’s been at the shelter for a few years. She loves people but hates dogs – I mean REALLY hates dogs – so it’s hard to get her adopted.


A quick shout out to my hubby, who supports wholeheartedly tolerates my need to be around dogs. He knows it makes me happy. Happy wife, happy life.


Valentine still needs a home. He’s lived at the doggie daycare for 8 months since we rescued him. He’s not unhappy there, but I’d love to see him in a home. Such a cool dog. We think he’d be great with the right dog (he’s selective), older kids would be fine, and he LOVES women. He needs to be introduced to people, but once he knows you, he adores you. And you will know it.


Next Friday, Oct 17th, is Dunk City After Dark – NCAA Midnight Madness. You can watch Eric on ESPN 3 (live stream) at 9 PM EST.


And this picture just because I took it yesterday and think it’s cool. Did I ever tell you I love taking pictures?

DSC_2122 - Version 2

Hope everyone is hanging in there. Life can be rough sometimes, I know, but it could always be worse. Believe me, it could always be worse.

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