My Dog Bites/Scratches/Bruises Photo Library

I have a folder in my photo library titled “dog bites/bruises/scratches.” It being a slow news week, I thought I’d share. Sorry if they’re gross.

Some I got while working at doggie daycare and some from volunteering in rescue. The dogs were a corgi, a dachshund, a mutt, a shepherd, and a pit bull, who all bit or scratched when redirecting because of aggression towards another dog. None were being aggressive towards me; I just happened to be in the way.

ER doctor stitching me up. He was so fun 🙂

He took this picture for me…haha!

What can I say…it comes with the territory.

And to all the crazy pit bull haters out there: I’ve been working with pit bulls 1-4 days a week for two and a half years and have been bitten by ONE.