Stella and KC Host a Pittie Party

Stella and KC had themselves a pittie party this weekend, inviting a few of their closest pit bull friends over for a Memorial Day swim.

Most had attended doggie daycare – so we knew everyone was dog friendly – but just like with kids, the introductions were slightly awkward.  Once they met (sniffed each other’s butts), got over their shyness (ran away), and established ranks and set boundaries (growled), everyone relaxed and had fun.

KC only showed her true (mean girl) side once…when claiming her outside couch-throne.  A few minutes inside for a time out, though, and she got the message.

Nancy and her recent foster fail, Big Kahuna (with a name like that, you know he’s from Stray Rescue) get used to the water


And he’s off!


Tot, rescued by Stray Rescue with her brother Tater and adopted by my friend Nicole, brought her own pool to the party.


With help from her mom, Tot tries out the big girl pool


Despite prodding from his mom Kelly, Zeus wants noooo part of that wet stuff


Big Kahuna and Chomper became fast friends


Chomper and Tot in a neck and neck race


Cockapoo KC has no problem partying with the pitties.  Here she passes by Niki, who chooses not to follow the crowd.


Nicole, Tot and KC enjoying the sunshine


Totter Tot


Zeus – biggest momma’s boy love bug ever


Nancy and her handsome boy BK


Nicole rethinks her snack time idea. Actually, they were all very well-behaved 🙂 To her right (besides me laughing my head off) is Mia, a pugador (pug-labrador), whose dad Brad works with me at the Watering Bowl.

Image 1

Tot getting a leg up on Chomper to get to the cheese


Mesmerized by the cheese, Zeus tries to will it into his mouth


Stella, almost 11, made an appearance until nap time; then we never saw her again.


We had one minor mishap. Tot, whose legs are as short as a Basset Hound’s, took a flying leap from the 4-foot wall to the pool deck and landed on her chin. We don’t know how she didn’t break a leg or her jaw.


Our hope for the day was to hang out with friends and watch the pups run around and wear themselves out.

Based on the pictures sent to me later…

Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

Image 7 Image 8

…I’d say the party was a success.

Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday

To help my blogging mojo, I’ll be featuring “Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday,” where I’ll write about my weekly dog fix, whether it’s volunteering, working, or rescuing.

Remember our buddy who lived outside in the snow, sleet, rain, and sweltering heat? The sweet boy we befriended whose owners never, ever let him in the house or acknowledged him, so we brought him water, toys and treats and took him for walks? The friendly, wiggly-butt dog who craved attention but got none from the people who were supposed to love him? The big-headed goofball who’d never had a bath or gone to a vet, although his people eventually let us take him to one?

Remember him?

Well I can’t say much except that he doesn’t live with them anymore.

And he sleeps in someone’s bed every night.

 P.S. No, he’s not with me. I wish.

Stay tuned next week for “E Money Monday.”
I had to do something to get myself on a writing schedule 🙂


Guess who got a job? Moi.  I interviewed yesterday at The Watering Bowl (TWB), a doggy daycare and boarding facility, and was hired on the spot. My friend Donna knows the owner. They had 78 (78!!) dogs running around. When I walked into the yard, all 78 of them came up to me and either sniffed me or jumped on me. It was so funny. There were two Great Danes, a mom and son, who were as big as horses. They had every kind of dog you could imagine…Bull Dogs and Dachshunds and Chihuahuas and Golden Retrievers and Pit Bulls! I think I’m going to love it.

Google Image (not from Watering Bowl)

WHO let the dogs out: Me! Me me me me me…meeeee!

WHAT I’ll do:  Walk around while the dogs play, monitor them and prevent play from getting too rough, give baths to dogs whose owners want them cleaned before picking them up, check dogs in and out at front desk, feed dogs who need to be fed three times a day, clean poop and pee from yard, take pictures (at least two of each dog) and post on TWB Facebook page.

WHERE:  In South County – about 20 minutes away without traffic. Could be 30 or 40 with traffic. They’re opening a new place in Brentwood in three or four weeks, so hopefully I’ll get to work there since it’s closer to me.

WHY I got a job:  Eric just started college, so I need to at least help him pay for it. He’ll have to get a loan if he doesn’t end up getting a basketball scholarship. Jason was accepted yesterday into Washington University School of Business Master’s program…and it is not cheap. My tuition reimbursement from Wash U. would have come in handy just about now 😦  Too bad I quit.

WHEN:  I start tomorrow 1:30-8:30. I told him I only want to work part-time, but I think it’s going to be between 25-30 hours a week.

HOW much: $8/hour (brutal) and  HOW am I going to go on vacation with Larry and go on our cross-country motorcycle ride and go to Lake of the Ozarks with friends and spend the winters in Florida:  Win Powerball.