Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday – Farewell to Funnybone / Romeo Turns 2

My friend Donna’s dog Funnybone passed away last week. Funnybone had knee surgery not too long ago but was doing great and running around like a crazy woman.  After her morning potty break, she got back in bed and at some point passed away cuddled right up to her momma.

Blue and Donna comforting each other…

Scout misses her sidekick sister desperately, and finds comfort in sleeping in Funnybone’s bed

 Funnybone was rescued from the streets by Stray Rescue. After some time she was able to be paired with another dog. It’s exciting when dogs are paired because it means they can get along with other dogs.
Here is Funnybone just after meeting her new Stray Rescue roommate…
Donna started taking Funnybone on hikes with Four Directions Hiking, and she may have taken her home a time or two…more than likely for a bath. 
But that’s it. Donna had too many dogs already, and she certainly didn’t want a dog as bad as Funnybone.
In this picture on her Facebook page, Donna’s comment says “I ordered her not to get into my heart!”
Funnybone’s typical rebellious reaction was to do just that.
And Donna brought her home. 
For good.
And that’s when she became kind of famous. 
Donna posted pictures of her on Facebook.
She was a riot.  
 Because of People Donna’s postings, people who had never met Funnybone felt they knew 
her and were saddened by her death.
She was an absolute character. And it wouldn’t surprise me if her mom wrote a book making Funnybone the star. 
She would love that. 
Being the center of attention was her mission in life.
That and taking a piece of our hearts.
She always did get what she wanted.
I love you, sweet Bone.

  A 6-year-old boy said this:  “People are born so they can learn how to live a good life – like loving everybody all the time and being nice.  Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.”

The very next day after Funnybone passed away, Donna wanted to proceed with plans she’d had to host a birthday party for Romeo, the dog she rescued that lived outside his entire life. Donna decided Romeo’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so she wanted to celebrate his turning 2.  It’s not easy to muster up a smile when you’ve just lost your best friend, but I suspect seeing this cute face made it a little easier.
Is this not the face of a dog happy to finally live inside? We all cringe to think he would be in his wooden doghouse in these snowy, below zero conditions we’ve had.
He has got to be one of the happiest, friendliest dogs I know.
Emilee and Sandy

Nancy, Romeo’s grandma, and Kelly

Donna and her baby Scout

Romeo did great with our friend Kathleen’s baby Emily

Kelly and Romeo

Romeo opened a few birthday presents

Yep, crazy dog people and proud of it

Donna, Romeo, and Kathleen’s little boy Max

Alyson, Emily, Romeo’s grandma, and Kelly. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of Romeo’s mom, Becca!

Max fell asleep sitting up

Bittersweet week, to say the least. 
Life is that way.
Love while you can.

Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday

To help my blogging mojo, I’ll be featuring “Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday,” where I’ll write about my weekly dog fix, whether it’s volunteering, working, or rescuing.

Remember our buddy who lived outside in the snow, sleet, rain, and sweltering heat? The sweet boy we befriended whose owners never, ever let him in the house or acknowledged him, so we brought him water, toys and treats and took him for walks? The friendly, wiggly-butt dog who craved attention but got none from the people who were supposed to love him? The big-headed goofball who’d never had a bath or gone to a vet, although his people eventually let us take him to one?

Remember him?

Well I can’t say much except that he doesn’t live with them anymore.

And he sleeps in someone’s bed every night.

 P.S. No, he’s not with me. I wish.

Stay tuned next week for “E Money Monday.”
I had to do something to get myself on a writing schedule 🙂

Outside Dog Goes to the Vet

I visited our friend a few days ago. He was as lovable…


and playful as ever
He’s two years old and has never been to a vet. We asked his family a while back if we could take him. They said okay. We made an appointment, but when the time came we weren’t sure if they’d actually let us. Would you let some strangers take your dog and hope they brought him back? But we should have known they would. Anyone who keeps their dog in the yard day in and day out obviously doesn’t care about him.

His appointment was yesterday. Two of us went because we weren’t sure how he’d react to the car ride.  We knocked on the door and asked if we could take him to the vet. The girl who answered said she’d ask her brother since it’s his dog. She left, came back a few seconds later and said okay.  Getting him in the SUV was quite a feat. He wouldn’t jump in.  I was scared to pick him up, thinking he’d bite out of fear. Sandy lured him with salami through the other door, I picked up his rear end, and in he went.

But he was terrified. 

We planned to take him to a self-service dog wash for a bath before his appointment. But the car ride changed our minds. It was obvious he’d never been in a car. His eyes got HUGE. He huddled in the corner and panted like crazy.  We decided a bath and vet appointment would be too much for one day, so we went to the park instead. Watching him there was like seeing a hearing-impaired child get cochlear implants and hear his mother’s voice for the first time.  It was like he had a big thought bubble over his head…”So THIS is what I’ve been missing!”” He was so excited, barking at the ducks and trying to get in the lake for a swim.  Can you imagine? He’s about 2 years old and all he’s seen is his backyard.

He really wanted to get in

We got in the car again (he jumped in on his own this time) and drove to the vet’s office.  We had some time, so we all sat on the grass. He loved having all of his favorite ladies doting on him.

Gah!! His smile, I love it.

When he walked into the office he was afraid of the tile floor. He flattened his body to the ground and army crawled. He trusted us so much, though, that he went wherever we led him. 

Sandy and I didn’t want to go in the treatment room because we didn’t want him to associate us with shots and what-not. Instead, (lucky us) we got to witness a girl — who 20 minutes earlier we’d seen carrying a dog into the office, with his little head poking out of a blanket and very much alive — rush from a treatment room sobbing hysterically. Without her dog. I couldn’t bear that she didn’t have anyone to hold her after obviously having her dog put to sleep. I wanted to hug her, but she rushed out the door and into her car, where we could see her crying for 10 minutes before she finally drove off. And of course by then I was crying. Oh my gosh, I could NOT work in a vet’s office if I had to see that every day.  
“Well, hello there handsome!”

Sandy and I listened through the door, smiling like proud parents when Donna and the vet repeatedly said, “GOOD BOY!!!” every time he tolerated a shot or blood draw or poke in the rear. He did sooooo well… 

…even when held down by two people for a nail trim!

When the worst of it was over, Sandy and I came in to check on our boy.

The good news? Heartworm negative. Fecal testnegative. Ears looked dirty but otherwise normal. He does have fleas, so we got flea meds and heartworm preventative. 

This is the cutest picture of him. He was in love with the vet.

We stopped to say hi to the kitties to see how he’d react. One kitten hissed at him (still hissing in this picture) and he jumped back. He’s a big baby. I think he’d be cat friendly.

“Will you be my friend?”

He was so proud when we left. I swear he trotted out of there, like, “Oh yeah, piece of cake.” 

The car ride was still a little iffy.  He lost his balance during turns and didn’t like that.  It was awful taking him back after being with him for a few hours and seeing more of his cute personality. We put him in the yard, and he tried so hard to get back out the gate to go with us. We filled his water bowl and kissed him goodbye. “We’ll be back, we promise.” 

Next step? Neuter. Not sure how we’re going to pull this off…

Why Have a Dog?

Outside dog
craves affection but gets not even a pat on the head
wants to crawl in a lap
but no one to sit and form one
no one to throw a ball, a bone, a treat 

Outside dog
sits, sleeps, suffers in blazing sun, heat, 
freezing rain, snow
nothing to do but watch as silence moves through the yard
no one to care, no one to love
While people inside live
 interact, touch, talk, laugh
He sits 
and wonders…
why do you have me
 only to leave me

by Lynne Moeller
I wrote this about a dog in a nearby neighborhood.  A friend of a friend lived on his street and saw that he was outside at all hours of the night and in extreme weather. She befriended him, brought him treats, and knocked on the door of his people. They’re Middle Eastern and consider dogs to be filthy and from the devil. But someone gave their young, Americanized daughter a puppy and she doesn’t want to get rid of him. So their clash of cultures holds him hostage. And even though the girl wants him, she doesn’t touch him or play with him.
So we do.
A few of us stop by and give him treats and water. His people tell us a water spigot drips into a bowl around the side of the house, but when we bring water he laps it up and wants more. According to Animal Control, because he has food, shelter and water, no laws are being broken.
Yesterday it was 115 with the heat index. He sits under the deck, which we can see from the street.
When he sees us he knows we’re there to love him and comes to the gate with a friendly wiggle. His people know we’re in their yard and don’t care. He climbs in our laps, climbs on our heads, and tries desperately to keep us from leaving. 
We can take him for walks if we knock on the door and ask. 
Yesterday I brought him water and a big bone. At first he didn’t want the bone, he only wanted affection. But when I left he finally laid down and happily chewed on his treat. 
A big brown spot on his face (see picture) looks like somebody threw coffee or spit chewing tobacco on him. It wasn’t there before. He was also limping this time. I wish I could take him to the vet.
He is so sweet and friendly.
I love him, and I hate that his people don’t.

The look on his face when we leave is absolutely heartbreaking.
“Goodbye friends. Come back soon.”