Catching Up…

Krista and I visited Eric at FGCU last month. We watched practice, shopped, and ate.



Krista brought t-shirts for E’s fans back home


My enrichment dog for the last two months was Millie. I adore her. I wish she would get adopted because she breaks my heart.



We celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Sept. 8th


I still work at The Watering Bowl and often take KC with me, although she hates it because the dogs sniff her. She either sits in the corner until it’s time to leave or scratches at my pant leg hoping I’ll pick her up.

I took this on our way to work. How excited does she look?


At work a couple of weeks ago, a German Shepherd grabbed my foot as I was walking through one of the gates. Bit a hole through my shoe but didn’t break the skin. The hazards of doggie daycare…


My sweet Stellie is celebrating a birthday this month…October 25th. She’ll be 11 and you’d better believe we’re having a party. She LOVES her birthday parties 🙂 Okay, well maybe it’s the cookie cake she loves.


Some sad news 😦 😦 😦 ….

My stepsister Ami passed away last week. She was a few years younger than me. She died of an alcohol-induced seizure. She and my brother Mike, who are half-siblings, as well as my brother Ryan were very close.


IMG_9694 Ryan and Ami

Last week I drove to Florida to bring Eric his new car! He loves it.


I stayed for an extra day before flying back. I saw his room, which is entirely taken up by the twin beds he pushed together. He can’t open his drawers or get to his closet. I had to leave because he wouldn’t let me help organize anything and it gave me anxiety.

IMG_9866   IMG_9867

A guest bed in, where else, the living room


The kitchen he shares with 3 teammates


He was pretty happy when I left, now that he can get around without relying on others



The team on the first day of official practice…


Last week (it’s been a busy week) my dad got a new hip and his dog Buddy got to visit him.


The day after being released from the hospital, his wife, my stepmom Trudy, was in a serious car accident and fractured her thoracic spine. Both are now home with matching walkers. Trudy’s, however, is turbo enhanced, helping her easily beat my dad when racing to the bathroom. Ryan drove down to help direct traffic and get things back in order. Thank you, Ry!

Eric doesn’t get Fox Sports 1, so we FaceTimed so he could watch the Cardinals beat the Dodgers. So he could watch the Cardinals beat the Dodgers.

Ooh, sorry. I stuttered.

In bold.


My new enrichment dog Whirlwind is a hoot. She’s been at the shelter for a few years. She loves people but hates dogs – I mean REALLY hates dogs – so it’s hard to get her adopted.


A quick shout out to my hubby, who supports wholeheartedly tolerates my need to be around dogs. He knows it makes me happy. Happy wife, happy life.


Valentine still needs a home. He’s lived at the doggie daycare for 8 months since we rescued him. He’s not unhappy there, but I’d love to see him in a home. Such a cool dog. We think he’d be great with the right dog (he’s selective), older kids would be fine, and he LOVES women. He needs to be introduced to people, but once he knows you, he adores you. And you will know it.


Next Friday, Oct 17th, is Dunk City After Dark – NCAA Midnight Madness. You can watch Eric on ESPN 3 (live stream) at 9 PM EST.


And this picture just because I took it yesterday and think it’s cool. Did I ever tell you I love taking pictures?

DSC_2122 - Version 2

Hope everyone is hanging in there. Life can be rough sometimes, I know, but it could always be worse. Believe me, it could always be worse.


Back in Business

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Hope to see you soon. I’ve got cute Thanksgiving pictures to share that include a guy with chubby rosy cheeks.

And it isn’t Santa Claus!

My Precious, Kind, Intelligent, Beautiful, Sweet 12-Year-Old Niece…

…who may or may not have told me to write that…flew from California all by herself to stay with me for five days.

And even though we did nothing but



PLAY WITH DOGS (There’s no visiting Auntie without visiting Stray Rescue!)


We had the BEST.TIME.EVER.

Stella is still recovering.

Thanks for the memories, Mayse. I love you.

(All pictures were taken with my iPhone and edits were done using the Camera+ app. Collage was made with the Diptic app)

Combination, and Why I Do What I Do

Xylaphone, my previous enrichment dog, is being enriched by someone else. I was temporarily co-enriching him with someone who plans on eventually fostering him.

My new enrichment dog, Combination (, is the best. I fell in love the first day we met. He’s been at Stray Rescue for six months. I don’t know why he’s still there! He’s perfect. Well, except for one thing. He thinks he’s human. He insisted on sitting in the chair next to me at lunch.

“Don’t mind me. I’ll just sit here and watch you eat while I starve.”

“Antlers would taste much better with the elk attached.”

“LOL, that was a good one, Lynne!”

“A little more sunscreen on my back, if you don’t mind. My age spots are starting to form cartoon characters.”

“The carpet you can have, but don’t even think about taking my ball.”

One thing that cracks me up is that right when we pull up to the shelter to go back after our day out, he pretends he’s asleep!! It’s hilarious. That’s him on the left (below) as we pulled up. He’s such a faker! I love his personality, his smile, and his temperament. He is smart and attentive. I take him to obedience class, which Stray Rescue provides for the enrichment dogs, and he’s learned “shake,” “down,” “stay,” and not to jump on people as they approach him. He loves people so much and just wants to be pet, but we’re working on the jumping.

Combination would love a forever home, but he’s happy just to have been rescued. Randy Grim found him with these chains and padlock around his neck and needed bolt cutters to get them off.

One would think Combination would despise humans since that’s who abused him. But like all animals, he is forgiving, and wants only to love and be loved in return.

Some say that I’m obsessed or that I do too much for the dogs.

Call it what you will.

But read this…

…and at least you’ll know why.


Eric Update

E was invited to play in the Missouri All-Star game in Springfield, MO this weekend. The kids on the team are from Vianney, Marquette, Cardinal Ritter and I’m not sure where else. Cameron Biedschied was supposed to play, but he already left for Notre Dame. Eric’s team will play teams from seven regions of Missouri. If his team wins on Saturday they play on Sunday at 11:30 am. The championship game is at 5:30. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so I’ll miss that game, but I’m hoping they win and play on Sunday. I really want to go!

This pic is of Eric, Nolan and their trainer, Tracy. E weighs 210 now, up 15 or 20 pounds since the end of the season. He had lost so much weight playing b-ball.

Notice the Mizzou t-shirt 🙂

Next Friday is the big day! Off to college he goes. Is he ready? Yes. He’s bored out of his mind. Am I ready? I love him, but absolutely yes.

We’ve done some shopping for his dorm room – actually I’VE done…he couldn’t care less what I buy. We still need to get extra long sheets and a fan. Eric is obsessed with having a fan on in his room. He’s nervous about sharing a room after having had his own room for so long. It doesn’t help that Eric found out through friends that Ryan, his roommate, is a neat freak. When he finds out what a slob Eric is, Ryan is going to FREAK! I feel sorry for him. But maybe E will pick up some good habits? I hope. If Ryan doesn’t kill him first…

E has to get a passport for the team trip to Holland, Belgium and France on August 8-18. What an experience. I’m excited for him.

Next time I write, my nest will be empty.


Some People Can’t Handle Change

Over the past few months our mailbox had been slowly corroding. 
Buy another one, right?
That would be too easy.
Here’s the conversation we had over and over.
Larry:  We need another mailbox.
Me:  Yes we do.  I’ll go to Home Depot and get one.
Larry:  You need to go online and order one like the one we have…with silk-screened horses on it.
Me:  No, we are not getting another mailbox with silk-screened horses. We don’t live on a farm.
Larry:  But it’s the one that came with the house.
Me:  No it’s not.  Someone drove over that one and you made him order one exactly like it.
Larry:  But I like the horses on it.
Me:  I know you do.  You like it because it’s the SAME.  Same, same, same! I like flowers, but I’m not going to put the same flowered wall paper up in the kitchen just because that’s what was in there when you bought the house.

So the mailbox got rustier and rustier, the door wouldn’t shut, and I’m sure the mailman was thinking, Come on people, how hard is it to buy a mailbox.
But the other day it finally happened…
The door rusted off. 
I hurried to Home Depot.  Too bad, I thought, he’s just going to have to deal with it. 
He did, but it wasn’t easy.
I guess it’s no surprise that he didn’t vote for Obama 🙂

“Life can either be accepted or changed.  If it is not accepted, it must be changed.  If it cannot be changed,, then it must be accepted.”

Spartan Basketball Schedule 2011-2012

I hope some of you can see a few of E’s games this season. Here’s the schedule so you can plan ahead:

2011-2012 Spartan Basketball Schedule
 Nov 28 – Dec 2 @ Whitfield Tournament TBA
Dec 6  Vianney 7 PM
      10  Lindenwood Shootout TBA
      12  @ St. Charles West 7:30 PM
      16  St. Louis University High 7 PM
      21  @ Chaminade 7 PM
      26-30  Meramec Tournament TBA
Jan 6  @ CBC 7 PM
     10  Chaminade 7 PM
     13  Jefferson City 7:30 PM
     20  CBC 7 PM
     23-27  Ameritime Tournament TBA
     31  Borgia 7:30 PM
Feb 3  @ St. Louis University High 7 PM
       4  Parkway South 12 PM
       7  Hazelwood Central 7 PM
      10  @ Vianney 7 PM
      14  @ Troy 7 PM
      16  Oakville 7 PM
      20-25  Districts TBA
      29  Sectionals TBA
March 3  Quarterfinals TBA
            9-10  Finals TBA

If you missed E’s highlight video on YouTube, here it is. At 1:12 into the video, watch Eric on the left as he throws the little dude out of his way and then does a two-handed dunk.

How funny. There’s actually a comment on YouTube about his video:

“This kid has talent; he has good skills and athleticism. Sportspresstv. Com is a site that I think can help him get to where he wants to go if he is under recruited. Many kids go unnoticed do to reasons beyond their control. But u never know about a kid’s grades or work ethic.”
freddyluvsbball 2 days ago

My dad probably wrote that 🙂