Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday – Where Are They Now?

Pretend it says “Raise the Woof Thursday
A while back I posted on Stray Rescue’s Facebook page this collage I made of my friend Sandy’s dog, Normm.  It got over 1,000 “likes.” It may just be coincidence, but  recently Stray Rescue began a feature called Where are They Now?, before and after stories of severely injured dogs at the time of rescue and today in their new homes. I think it’s wonderful!

And guess what? The most recent Where are They Now?  featured Normm!

Look how happy he is with Sandy and her husband Steve:   Normm today

Read this!! The original Stray Rescue story of Normm’s rescue still makes his mom cry.

He celebrated his 3rd birthday at doggie daycare a few days ago. Love you, Normm!

The Watering Bowl does pictures like this for birthdays 🙂


Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday

How do animals in cities with temps below zero survive without someone like Randy Grim and Stray Rescue?
On Saturday night and into Sunday, St. Louis got 10+ inches of snow.  Teaming up with the Mayor, Randy made a plea on the news to bring pets inside.  Any pets found outside, even in backyards, would be confiscated and the owners fined. I think only a few people were given citations, but Randy and his staff were busier than ever rescuing stray dogs. On Monday morning the temperature was -8 with a windchill of -20.

(You know you’re an animal person when in extreme weather all you can think about are stray and missing dogs and cats. It breaks my heart.)
Thank you, Randy, for what you do.
Here are pictures from some of his rescues:
Larry can’t believe that entire packs of stray dogs are running around and living in abandoned houses, but in some areas (especially East St. Louis), believe me, they are.
This poor guy, Francis, was not rescued in time; he passed away soon after.

One grateful pup
This poor guy had to be sedated and muzzled. He got into the car easily when rescued, but at the shelter he refused to get out, growling and baring his teeth. Apparently he liked the warmth of the car and thought he was being forced back out into the cold.  No worries, little dude, you’re safe! 
This boy, named Zero, was picked up off the streets by a police officer, who has since decided to adopt him for his little boy.
These babies, and their momma who was tied up, were all rescued.
And then there’s this….





I wish all dogs had such a choice.

Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday

The Stray Rescue staff started a wonderful system to track enrichment time spent with the shelter dogs to ensure each gets equal time. It’s not a perfect system, since some dogs are more popular with volunteers and hence they have more “fans,” but this way the love is spread more evenly as the staff fills in the gaps where needed.
There’s a key for us to follow. W = extra walk / E = enrichment outside of the shelter (park, home, etc.) / CR = car ride / A = time in apartment / Y = play time in yard / R = run
The red colored marker is for volunteers and the black marker is for staff, but the red pen got lost and the volunteers started writing “vol” next to the letter.
Some dogs are not allowed extra enrichment for various temporary reasons.

I love that Paul, an enrichment staff member, encourages staff to spend time with red collar (staff only) dogs by offering lottery tickets. These dogs don’t get a lot of enrichment time because volunteers aren’t allowed to take them out. The goal is for the dogs to become purple collar so anyone can enrich them.

My own dogs fight over enrichment time with me. Here’s how it goes:  Stella comes and sits on my lap first. KC immediately comes over, plops herself right on Stella and squeezes her out as if she’s not even there. “What? Stella? Where? I don’t see a dog.”
Poor Stella. And she’s so submissive. She quietly backs out and walks to the other end of the couch. 
And waits for her daddy to get home.

E Money Monday

I missed last week’s E Money Monday because we were in L.A., and since there were no games to report, I’ll share pictures of our trip instead. I got quite a few of Eric, which isn’t an easy feat (why are boys so ornery about posing for pictures?!) So thank you, E, for providing material for this week’s post…I know it’s tough to say ‘cheese.’

The view from my mom and Bob’s

Mike, Eric, and Bob

E and Me

Mom and her 5 kids

Eric and his Auntie


Channy and Coco

Fake cheese

E helping his grandma in the kitchen. 

More cheezy cheese
Even Buddy smiled for the camera
E and the Budster
Gary and Bud having a serious discussion

Emma wrapped up with a bow
Eric and Brian (my dad’s neighbor’s son) have grown up seeing each other once a year and always hit it off as if no time has passed. 
7th Annual Moeller Christmas Classic

Ryan can’t get the ball past his nephew’s 7-1 wingspan

Nice try, Ry. 
Eric left at 8:00 this morning to go back to Florida. His next game is this Saturday in Georgia at 2:00 EST against Albany Tech. 
Have a great New Year, everyone! Stay safe.

Raise the ‘Woof’ Wednesday

This is Stassi. I picked her up from a lady who saved her from Animal Control in Perryville, a rural Missouri town about an hour and a half away. Apparently the shelter only feeds the dogs every few

days because 1) They can’t afford to feed them more often, and 2) The dogs will be gassed anyway, so the shelter doesn’t want to waste food.  This baby looked only a few months old, but the vet said she

was somewhere between 6 and 9 months.  She is an absolute doll and wants nothing more than to be held.

When I picked her up from the lady transporting her from Perryville, I tried to set her in the passenger seat, but she crawled right back into my lap.

I took her to Kelly’s, who is fostering her, and when I gave her some food she ate it so fast I thought she would choke. Poor thing. She was STARVING.  Kelly, by the way, named her Stassi after a girl in the reality show Vanderpump Rules.

Kelly has already taught her to “wait” before she eats!! Not an easy task for a starving dog!
Good girl, Stassi.
I’ve taken quite a few fosters to the vet for Kelly, since she works full time, and they’ve all been very cute, but I’ve never wanted to keep one as much as I did this one. She is the biggest love bug.  And look at those ears!! 
As mentioned in my previous post about our annual Santa Paws Fundraiser party,
Stassi has been adopted by our friend Sandy.
I’m jealous, but so happy because now I’ll get to see her.
Sandy and Stassi


 On Sunday, we (Four Directions Hiking) took the shelter dogs for a hike.  My hiking partner, Heparin, was the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met. She wouldn’t stop kissing me.
On the hike…

And in the car…

We looked pretty cute in our matching pink jackets 🙂

“Enough with the selfies…all I want to do is KISS you!!”

“Okay, one more.”

We hiked four miles. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, and the dogs loved getting out for a few hours.

Somebody was sleepy on the way home…